• illuminate verb

    To make understandable; to enlighten intellectually; clarify; construe; define; explain; give insight; illustrate; improve; interpret; shed light on

Who We Are

We are a consulting firm with the unique ability to provide marketing insight and strategic direction by shedding light on the meaning behind research, data and information. We help our clients make sense of it all and answer the questions “So what?” and ultimately “Now what?”

What We Do

We balance research and marketing intelligence with innovative thinking – whether it’s bringing our objective perspective, interpreting information to tell a story, creating a marketing roadmap or managing your projects. Here at Illuminata Marketing, we take pride in providing actionable results.





What Our Clients Say

Working with Illuminata Marketing was a pleasure. The scope of the work they completed for Burnaby Village Museum included assessment, research, evaluation, analysis and market plan development. They were professional, realistic and above all, they delivered.
Illuminata Marketing worked with the City of Maple Ridge – the methodology provided for a comprehensive assessment which helped to inform City Council of actions that the City could implement to enhance the Maple Ridge brand. Illuminata Marketing was very responsive to the City’s needs and delivered a high quality product on time and within budget. I would highly recommend Illuminata Marketing for branding and marketing research and strategy development.
We have used Illuminata Marketing for several projects, and they have provided consistent, high quality service. From the outset, they demonstrated a clear understanding of what was needed to be done and managed the projects effectively. The depth and clarity of the analyzed results were excellent and helped us make better decisions as well as target our efforts into key critical areas for improvement.
Illuminata hit the ground running and delivered on all aspects of our consultant project, worked with multiple stakeholders and exceeded our expectations and completed all work on time and within the budget. I would happily work with them again or refer them to any municipal or public sector organization on any form or strategic marketing, research or customer experience consulting.